Service Options & Pricing

Working with Utah Energy Work is simple.

Your session may be held over the phone or in person at our Orem, Utah location. Feel free to inquire about costs for us to travel to your location.

Each session begins by briefly clarifying your goals – which thoughts, feelings, or life outcomes would you like improved? We may check your basic understanding of supportive concepts including self love, letting go of what doesn’t serve, the grieving process, hope, etc.

You will also mark a 9-point survey to indicate your current state of peace vs. anxiety, hope vs. depression or despair, confidence vs. fear, and other general measurements.

Your practitioner then selects from a set of approaches to help you achieve your goals in the fastest, easiest, and most thorough way possible. There’s no need for you to provide detailed explanations of your situation or history.

You may be presented with transformative concepts or exercises or – most commonly – the practitioner will intuitively identify the foundational source of your challenging thoughts/ feelings/ limitations and help them to expand, transform, and heal, usually with little or no effort on your part.

We call our unique modality “Intuitive Bridge.” We define “intuitive” as the ability to both sense and consciously understand feelings, including the ability to “look” deep into an individual’s unconscious thoughts and feelings and trace them to their origin points where the most effective healing can occur. By “bridge,” we refer to the connection between all individuals which allows us to interact directly with those points and directly affect healing in others.

You may request Reiki as part of your session, but our other techniques are so vastly more fast and effective that we rarely resort to it. ZYTO EVOX is also available on request for an additional fee. Again, our Intuitive Bridge healing modality is usually far more direct and effective.

If you would like to learn these skills for yourself, we’ll happily guide you through it and let you do as much of the work as you like. Please ask if you would like to be fully trained to use Intuitive Bridge on others. You may also study on your own (to use these skills on yourself) with our new book, the in-depth and easy-to-read-and-apply 320-page Heal Your Emotions, a Practical Guide to Speaking Your Brain’s Languages and Turning Pain into Power.

Utah Energy Work clients almost always leaving feeling surprisingly better than when they came, as demonstrated by comparing the self-rated 9-point survey that clients mark again at the end of the session. Read some typical client comments here.

Each session costs $95 for up to 90 minutes, plus $25 for each additional half hour.

Session price is reduced to $75 if you’ve had a session within the last month or when you purchase multiple sessions at the same time.

Visit our new page at to learn about referral bonuses and our new 20/20 New Client Introductory Special – a 20-minute intuitive healing session for only $20! See for yourself what a difference we can make in your quality of life.

When compared to many other healing modalities, you’ll find a Utah Energy Work session an excellent investment in your well being!

Contact Utah Energy Work now to set up your appointment.