More than I dreamed possible.

May 28th, 2008

Following an hour-long session, I asked Linda Stone, who has been highly involved with energy healing and high-level management of Dream Makers Academy for over a decade, how much benefit she got from the session.

“More than I dreamed possible,” she affirmed.

Linda’s session was an excellent example of getting to “Point Be” almost instantly. “I didn’t know it’s okay to just let go of all those grievances without justice or apology or explanation,” she said as life-long challenges lifted and vanished.

She also observed that her “mirror [became] clear,” “a funnel of pure light filling [her] up”, and commented that “it’s so yummy!” as further foundational energy blocks released permanently.

A follow-up call a few weeks later found Linda still doing extremely well with increased freedom to be herself and other significant life changes occurring, and she reported that the tools she learned during the session were all she needs when any little issue pops up.