Utah Energy Works becomes Utah Energy Work

September 12th, 2015

Some visitors read our name Utah Energy Works, and assumed we were some sort of electrical utility company. To clear up any confusion, we’re simplifying our name to UtahEnergyWork.com – dropping the final S.

Along with an updated, mobile-friendly design there, you’ll find mostly the same content as on this version of the site, plus we plan to add periodic updates there.

For additional content, you may also want to visit our site designed to appeal to clients outside of Utah at RapidEnergyHealing.com, and like the associated Facebook page at Facebook.com/RapidEnergyHealing

Most of all, don’t miss our fantastic new book, Heal Your Emotions, A Practical Guide to Speaking Your Brain’s Languages and Turning Pain into Power, which teaches you how to develop and use your own intuition to…well, heal your emotions!